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The Next Evolution in Infrastructure Health


Drones. Infrastructure Health. Data Analytics.

Tau Drones is an analytics company that uses artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial systems to provide precise, accurate, and timely solutions to help make strategic decisions regarding infrastructure

Image by Luke Chesser

Better Data, Better Decisions

We provide actionable data to help our customers make informed decisions

We use scientific techniques to provide information on infrastructure health and maintenance needs in an easy-to-use dashboard. The information provided is precise, granular, and concise. This information is like a CT Scan of your building.

Energy Modeling and Profiling

Reduce your utility costs

The data presented in our dashboard can show methods to reduce energy costs related to the exterior of the building.
We analyze structures to construct an energy profile. Then we use this and other data to model future trends and track emissions.


Organization Strategic Management Plans

Tau Drones helps institutions build plans emphasizing infrastructure needs

Maintenance of structures is a necessary part of keeping facilities operational and in good condition. However, maintenance often gets forgotten about until something breaks. Finding solutions to deferred maintenance is a growing need. Tau Drones can help prioritize which assets or components need the most attention.
Our strategic information can be utilized in the organization's ROI calculations, budgets, and other key areas.

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