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About Us

Our Mission

Tau Drones is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency and health of buildings. We strive to create a world where buildings are well maintained, efficient, and comfortable. We hope to transform the lives of our customers and the communities in which they live in by making facilities environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economical.

Facility Managers

The backbone of institutional excellence

Many facility managers struggle with increasing maintenance costs and limited budgets. Tau Drones' goal is to make it easier to justify preventative maintenance and save on future energy costs.

Facility Managers may face problems such as:


The Solution

Tau Drones provides high quality data that can be used to prioritize maintenance needs. Our customers will be armed with the knowledge required to make long-lasting energy efficiency decisions that will save money over the course of months and years. Our asset management system,  reports, imaging, and hotspot detection methods are driven by precision thermodynamics combined with drone technology and artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled budgetary justification for your maintenance needs.

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