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The Process

Through the usage of UAS and advanced analytics technology, Tau Drones is able to quickly and efficiently analyze the thermal profile of structures. The thermal imagery is processed through artificial intelligence and advanced analytics models to provide technical data about the structure. The financial and structural data provided by Tau Drones process allows decision makers to plan strategic improvements that will make their facilities more efficient and weatherproof.

Operation Strategy

Meet. Show us the problem. We'll plan a flight.

Drone Deployment

Our drone will be deployed on-site for the data collection mission.

Infrastructure Imaging

We will collect Thermal and RGB images of your entire building envelope or problem area.

AI Object Detection

Our custom state-of-the-art artificial intelligence will detect building elements and calculate how much heat they are losing.

Building Health Analysis

Advanced thermodynamic and construction formulations will give you a comparative priority listing of the best means of maintaining building health.

Report & Recommendations

Every element of your building will be analyzed and compiled into an easy to understand cost analysis report.

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